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kids Week Marketplace Monday trivia tuesday mash up reds 6/18-19/2018

In honor of my Niece 9 and nephew 4 visting  grandma grandpa and  uncle Greg’s house , and me going to the Wenesday  reds game with my  best friend since  I was 8  Andy, I decided to do a kids week .  I ‘m doing my best to make my little sister  kids  Reds fans   but my Angels fan of a sis is resisting my eforts

trivia for kids

4 yos


What color is gapper (or monster in picture etc.)?

for the 9yos

to figure  out batting avg you take the number of hits and divide the times at bat so if a batter has 3 hits in 10  at bats his average is?

.300(grownup might want to explain that in the world of baseball batting averages decimal points are ignored and  number said as whole number



Let’s Give Patrick Freel a Father’s day gift

Ryan Freel   was one of my  favorite Reds. He played hard with no reguard for his own body. Sadly,  the many times he went head first into walls ,bases, and dugouts caused brain  injuries which lead to him taking his own life. This yahoo article explains Patrick simple but challenagning mission to give his 3 grandaugthers something to remember ther dad by. I hope to help by get the word out and taking time to search through my own loose cards to see how many of Ryan’s cards  I can find to send to  Patrick


to my mom for letting me watch a good chunck of my free 1 day mlb .tv prize on her laptop twith a good battery outside

The d’backs and phills for wearing throwback unis

frontier for giving me ok internet to do it

mlb for having great games and for most part good broadcasters on the calls

wow what a day so far

that epic in miami was something i spend most of time watching that one  A lot fan are ticked that the multi game viewing they  thought they were getting has been  a victim of some kind of software clinch that mlb has been slow to fix so  Ionly got  small dose of the phils and rox The 80s thowback philldepia made think of Hary kalas

nick casteio did not get a hit today



we strat our tv with Giants having breakfast with the Marlins

in 1947 the NY Giants  televised games on wnbt frankie frinsch and steve elis in tv and radio booths

in 1958 the move west meant that russ hodges moved with the team from ny to be joined by lon simmons in ktvu booth in san fran.

in 1993 the marlins  broadcasted on sunshine network and wbfs with the late gary carter and jay randuloph


Throwback thursday 6/14/2018 streak detour Mlb on tv

Last night i had plan to do a blog saying how  Giants’ an other west coast fans have it far worse following their team on road teams than east and midwestern fan bases  have on the west coast. that post did not get written due to stroms around my house and other difficulties but Brandon crawford got a hit which gives me a 5 game streak and free one day subcription to Baseball on tv has come along way since the first televised ball game in Mlb history  8/26/1939  I found a list of  mlb tv milestones on wikapedia Today if i have a good ineternet conection i will able to watch multiple games at once on my or mom’s laptop (both or signed on one although i will not be abled to use both) Now a fan can through and whatever regional sports broadcasters he has all  MlB games are available for view at the fan’s lesuire( has blackout re striction but alot of broadcasters are giving folks a chance to steam games through thier apps .) when was a kid i was luck if i could pick  up a  Reds road trip and the nbc game of week. dish provides me with daily dose of mulitple game reds cubs whitesox mlb network) but  my poor intenet makes me relizes through no fault of its own depends on the quality of internet connection a person has

Trivia tuesday 6/12/2018

feeling extreme lazy

i again will go with mookie betts for beat the streak