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way out Wed. 11/29/2017 Dodgers need to weigh the cost before trading for Stanton

Trading for the 2017 NL mvp Giancarlo Stanton could be good for your club if you do not have to give up all the yuong which played a big role inyour  penant run, and if he stays healthy Both might prove to be a problem the second is a slighty bigger concern given some of the the freaky injuries he has had


trivia tuesday 11/29/2017 milwaukee brewers

this brewer lead the team in batting average in 2017

homer co leader travis shaw is the son of this former all star reliver 

Homer co leader Eric thames  has played for what mlb clubs before giong to korea and resurfcing with the crew?

ans The blue jays and mariners

 this brewer lead the team with 101 rbis in 2017


Find gifts for any Reds fan hint hint mom

a  Reds   Hall of fame membership  might be worth it

for the leggo lovers like my niece

this might be over budget and i’m not where i’d put but it looks cool

not really a shot glass but would be a great additon to my collection



congrats to the 2017 rookies of the year

AL Aaron Judge

NL Cody  Bellinger

Thank you to all veterans and and active miltary

Please take advantage of any discounts and freebies for which you are elidigbile

Roy Halladay 1977- 2017

Rest in Peace  ” Doc” . You were a great pitcher and an even better person

Prayers for Sutherland Spring

Sad when places of worship are targets of violence.  What is our world coning to?