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heartbreak reaches an mlb all star Rizzo

We all were heartbroken after the tragedy in Parkland but for native Anthony Rizzo it was more than just a news story it was home.

Our high schools will alway be a part of us. It classy of the Cubs to let him leave camp and take as much time as he needs to cope. He is a very thoughtful player who after fighting cancer as a child, He started  a  foundation for kids battling cancer. Time will tell what ways he will help his hometown heal


Prayers for Florida

No matter which side of the gun debate hope the events of  yesterday help us have   meaningfully dialog about how to keep these things from happening

My love has returned

oh Baseball you have come back to me to remind me that spring will come soon .  To help me deal with life’s stress.  To make my workout less boring to give me something to look foroward to daily With the slow  building drama you are like curling  but  with rules I  understand. I have so missed you.

rip Oscar Gamble 1949-2018

Known for his power and having maybe the best afro in 1970s mlb he wiil be missed

Marketplace Monday HOF 2018

congrats to

Chipper Jones 

valdy guurero

Jim Thome

Trevor Hoffman

Jack Morris

Alan  Tramell



Prayers for Marshall County

I can’t even imagine   what the folks there are going through.

football foods 1/21/2018

click on team for food ideas

@3:05 est on CBS

Jacksonvile jags


New England  Patroits

then @ 6:40 edt/ 5:40 cdt

Minnesota Vikings


philly eagles