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All star wrap up / throwback thursday 7/ 19/2018 was  an awesome show in dc the homerun debry supprise for the air force unit the medal of honor recipticed being honored pregame the people  from the dc choirs  forming the flag   and signing so   well

the back and forth 10 homer game was awesome  my reds guys hit two but votto booted that costly foul ball

now the 2nd  half starts tonight with great rivary on espsn at 7;00 pm edt at wrigley field

a all time series which has  seen some memorable mlb momonets

even through i’m reds fan i loved harry carry

beat the sreak

for cards  macel ozuna pinch hitting for stan musial

for cubs javy baez pinch hiting for ryno



All star trivia 7/17/2018

tonight’s all star game  is first in Nationals parks and first DC since the  Sentors 2 hosted the game in 1969. Around that time a big historical event happened around the time of  the 1969 Gamewhat was it?  click here to find out what it was  

Max scherzerwill be first hometown mounds men to stat an allstar since matt havery of the mets in 2014 Chris sale will be the staer for the al some say it could   after i domatic derby it wil be an interesting encore


All Star Monday 7/16/2018 Hr Derby

After an extend pre all star break a way  that included a trip to the Negro League Mesuem in Kc I’m bloging  on tonights homerun Derby in DC!1m28!1m12!1m3!1d6348414.96389439!2d-90.28696926447506!3d39.01960200578909!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m13!3e6!4m5!1s0x87c0f07600cf82d9%3A0xa54cf11c105d3f29!2sNegro+Leagues+Baseball+Museum%2C+East+18th+Street%2C+Kansas+City%2C+MO!3m2!1d39.0912891!2d-94.5626324!4m5!1s0x89b7b9d77863eb63%3A0x60faf9c5954e6d8b!2sNationals+Park%2C+South+Capitol+Street+Southeast%2C+Washington%2C+DC!3m2!1d38.873010199999996!2d-77.0074329!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1531781354151“>

 This years fiekd looks wide open

Harper  could help what has been a bit of down ” going to Market year” for him . Freedie Freeman has quietly been one MLBs best over his still yuong career tonight could be his in the Spotlight

Max  Muncy and Jesus allugar were both released by other clubs olny to find themselves two of the games  clunch power threats

Alex Bregman  is a quietly clunch power source fo the word champs. I’m not about peredict a winner but i wil  say that theewo Cubs will ethier be shutout or win the the darn thing .

rhys hoskins  may get the best distance of the night

it was a great week

had fun with my niece and nephew being with them is fun because i’m kid at heart and the anaul outing with my best friend was  its mix of middle aged kid sillyness, awesome  baseball and life advice . I love Andy because he helps not to over think the life chaleges i bring to him he give me an honest opinion which usaully prety sound and he also not afraid to go with me dep in the dork forest when i say whatever pops in my head  which is often crazy as heck.


kids Week Marketplace Monday trivia tuesday mash up reds 6/18-19/2018

In honor of my Niece 9 and nephew 4 visting  grandma grandpa and  uncle Greg’s house , and me going to the Wenesday  reds game with my  best friend since  I was 8  Andy, I decided to do a kids week .  I ‘m doing my best to make my little sister  kids  Reds fans   but my Angels fan of a sis is resisting my eforts

trivia for kids

4 yos


What color is gapper (or monster in picture etc.)?

for the 9yos

to figure  out batting avg you take the number of hits and divide the times at bat so if a batter has 3 hits in 10  at bats his average is?

.300(grownup might want to explain that in the world of baseball batting averages decimal points are ignored and  number said as whole number


Let’s Give Patrick Freel a Father’s day gift

Ryan Freel   was one of my  favorite Reds. He played hard with no reguard for his own body. Sadly,  the many times he went head first into walls ,bases, and dugouts caused brain  injuries which lead to him taking his own life. This yahoo article explains Patrick simple but challenagning mission to give his 3 grandaugthers something to remember ther dad by. I hope to help by get the word out and taking time to search through my own loose cards to see how many of Ryan’s cards  I can find to send to  Patrick


to my mom for letting me watch a good chunck of my free 1 day mlb .tv prize on her laptop twith a good battery outside

The d’backs and phills for wearing throwback unis

frontier for giving me ok internet to do it

mlb for having great games and for most part good broadcasters on the calls