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It is a sad day for baseball

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There are many reasons why  the Hall of  Fame vote 2013 is so sad

1. The “clean”  players who did not get elected

Fred McGriff 497 HR 1550 RBI .284 Avg in the Height of the Streroid  Era .If the Crime Dog played “clean” we should elevate his Stats not punish him for not puting up the numbers of juiced counterparts

Jack Morris  a big game battler with an above average career and one awesome histric game Ws game7 ’91

Dale Murphy  7 time All star  2 time NL Mvp   Class act

2.  players “convicted on rummor  Writers going by hear say May keep  Hall of  fame caliber players out

3. Most of this years inductess are dead

4. We did this to ourselves  Chris Rose a co host on   ML B Network ‘s Intentional Talk said it best when he said we all bare responbilty for this. Media promoted this juiced sluggers. Owner’s rewarard them with big money contracts clean player did  not demand  a clean up and fans patd and cheered for them

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