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I am but i am not ” 42″ 4/15/2013

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Every baseball  player,  coach , manager, and umpire, will be wearing  number 42. In honor of Jackie Robinson.  Jackie was the most important player  in MLB. Do’nt get me wrong   there were players with better stats and longer careers, but without Jackie’s success and demeanor,player’s and people of all races  would not  be where they are. Without Jackie, the  Civil Rights Movement may have been delayed .Without Jackie, and the Movement , do  the disabled get protection of their rights? As a disabled man I doubt it. Without Jackie do we even have the discuussion on things like immagration and same-sex marriage , Again  without Jackie making people think about their prejuduges  back then ,I do’nt think so.

 Baseball a few years ago on this day had  a slogan “I am 42” While most of us belive in equality. I do’nt know any who could have taken the abuse Jackie took without lashing out, but Jack  and Dodger boss Branch Rickey understood that in 1940’s America,  Jack would have cost  African- American the chance to play if he had lashed out.  So i am and i could never be 42.


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