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Market monday/ Trivia Tuesday Phillies Vs Indians

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 Other Hobbies  nice weather. and great late baseball kept me  from bloging Monday, but Monday’s team the Phillies were off and they play The Cleveland Indians Tuesday’s team in a big intereague matchup 

Monday’s Phillie finds 

Need Tickets May 2 ishttp://mlb.mlb.com/phi/ticketing/group_pvd.jsp discounts  for groups of 50 or more 

May 3 Teachers and students get discounts

May 4 Youth league baseball pregame parade and discounts http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com/phi/ticketing/theme/youth.jsp

 May 5 Chase Utlley Tote Bag all ladies 15 +

Phillies auction 


Ebay finds based on World Series winning years



Trivia  Tuesday Cleveland Indians

What  famous comic entertainer was part owner of the Indians?

An: Bob Hope

Who was Larry Doby?

 First African American in the AL when he broke in with the Indians in 1947 weeks after  Jackie Robinson . Larry is often forgotten

 How did Frank Robinson make history?

 ans :He was  the first African American to manage a Major League team when he  skippered the Indians in 1975.

What did he do  in his debut that few managers do?

Ans: He homered as a player

Tonight’s game http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/index.jsp?gid=2013_04_30_phimlb_clemlb_1&mode=gameday

game weather 67 and partly sunny

 beat the streak play mon -tues 

Carlos Santana MLB and Indians leading hitter streak at 4  at game time tuesday








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