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Trivia Tuesday 8/27/2013 Texas Rangers

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Who  holds the  Rangers All time hit  record?

a. Micheal Young

b.  Ivan Rodriguez

c. Adrain Beltre

ans  a. Micheal Young 2230 hits while playing in club high  1823 games for the Rangers from 2001-12

Who holds the  Rangers all time  Home   Run Crown?

a.  Alex  Rodriguez

b  Juan Gonzalez

c. Josh  Hamilton

Ans b Juan Gonzalez hit  372 in a Ranger uniform  also holds club RBI crown with  1180 while wearing Ranger colors ( 1989-99;2002-03)

 Who has the most wins as a Ranger pitcher?

a. Kenny  Rogers

b.  Bobby Witt

c. Charlie Hough

ans. c.  Charlie Hough had  139 wins for the Rangers  and is also the  K leader  with 1452  from  1980-90

 Tonight’s game

Game time 9:05 pm CDT

radio  103.3 Espn English; 1540am  Espn Deportes( espan~ol)

tv Fox sports Southwest

weather forecast 40% chance of sleepy   Rangers fans Wednesday 

on the mound  for the M’s 

Hisashi Iwakuma   18 | P 12-6

 for your  Rangers 

Derek Holland   45 | P 9-6

beat the steak picks

Adrian Beltre   29 | 3B


Jeff Baker   15 | LF


Playoff  Chase

  Rangers are 2.5 GU (Games up) on the A’s The A’s game in  Det should be done during the early innings of the Ranger game









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