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Marketplace Monday 9/2/2013 Labor Day Around the League

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Enjoy  a day off with some baseball Plenty of playoff chase baseball  today most have tickets available


 Weather less the ideal baseball weather Most places but pack some rain gear and you should be fine


  if your plans your keep you from the ballpark

http://mlb.mlb.com/mediacenter/index.jsp?c_id=mlb&affiliateId=mlbMENU gameday audio mlb.tv for online ballgame following (  I love  the gameday package   MLB .tv buffers to much for the average internet user to enjoy it any price but today’s Free Game is  Giants at Padres

MLB Network ( check your listing for channel location) showing tripleheader

Cards V. Reds will be seen by most of the country at 1edt ( cin and StL area that game will be shown on your regional  Fox Sports Network ; MLB Network will show White Sox V. Yanks to some of the who get Reds or Cards as a local option  unsure about what Mlb network will do for folk like me (dish customer who gets and does watch Chitown and Cincy on local  sports nets imagine the will just have both  MLBN blackedout in my area

Rangers vs A’s at  4 edt for most ( this seen on local in  Texas and Sf bay media areas)  texas/ Sf bay will watch O’s/ Indians on MlBN

Rays vs Angels 9 edt unsrue what will be shown in Fla and LA markets on Mlb network available on local nets

 Marlins vs Cubs 2;20 pm edt wgn america

Have a great holiday

Rangers vs 


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