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Trivia Tuesday 9/3/2013 Kansas City Packers

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Fans: you mean Green Bay  Packers right?

Me: no the Kansas City  Packers played 2  years in   the Federal League (1914-1915)


Fans :Federal League?

Me :it was a league formed in  1913 and played in 1914-1915 it dared to challenge MLB to try become a third Major League.


Fans: Why did the Packers/league fail?

me:The   Packers had a lot of problems like most team of the  era of  and of that league 1st of which was poor field placement by creek which flooded the field in 1914  forcing the  Packers to hit the road for a good chunk of season . Also  the Packers signed a few MLB  players who were unhappy with their salaries and restricted ability to  nogotiate because MLB reserve cause which said that players could only sign with the  team holding  the contract    The  Packers’ starting pitcher of their first game in  Chicago ( what is now named Wrigley Field after 2 ins., when his former team  the Reds  served the Packers with an injunction. that to me would make for a humorus   turn of event I  picture the manager being served papers in the dugout. Some of the Federal League owners sued claiming  the  MLB reserve clause was againist the US anti trust laws. Some MLB owners offered stakes in thier MLb clubs  helping to break the will of the feds The   Supreme  court ruled that since ballgames were public events they are not interstate comerce  anti trust laws did not apply to baseball. this killed the leaguehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Baseball_Club_v._National_League

Fans : Why do this blog entry now

Me: the dice game i play to pick team of day lead me here



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