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Market place Monday 9/16/2013 Reds

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Remaining schedule If they can right things in Houston , then  big road games in  Pittsburgh  this weekend. Final homestand next week  starts with the Mets followed by what could be a huge  down to the very tip of the wire weekend  with the Pirates.  http://cincinnati.reds.mlb.com/schedule/index.jsp?c_id=cin#y=2013&m=9&calendar=DEFAULT

http://www.stubhub.com/cincinnati-reds-tickets/ fan to fan buyer beware

Ebay finds based on world series winning years







Tonights game @houston( interleague)

 game time 8.05 pm edt

radio 700 wlw where my radio is always set for my Reds

tv. FS-O

Pitchers for the  Jetson Dogs(astros) Erik Badard 4-10 for  our Reds Johnny Cueto  4-2 first start off dl since june i n texas

3 things to watch in the game

1.  Johnny Cueto health- is his back good enough for him to give the  Reds. a few dominate Ininngs.  Dusty is not even looking to get 5 out Johnny tonight. This start is to  see if he maybe a healthy weapon out of bullpen come playoff time

2. bullpen – How many relievers will Dusty have to go to in  the game that could have an effect for the rest of the week

3. Reds Line up  With Houston being a  homestanding  AL team now ( hard to see Astros in AL) ,the Reds will add a DH to their lineup, will a fielder get to rest his glove? Will a bench guy get 4 abs  for a  change?   Will Dusty change who plays where in the outfielder?  How will that lineup do against Badard who has pitched great at time and terrible at others

 If  the Reds  win tonight and get hot, The  Reds will have renewed trusty in  Dusty. If this experiment blows-up in the  Reds face Reds Country will never let them live it down    



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