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Roberto Clemente Day 9/17/2013

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Read about the graceful player and man who was Roberto Clemente who help increase the profile for Latin players.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberto_Clemente.  I have always heard  he carried himself  with class and a  need  to help people.

  he was great player with a canon arm  quick graceful legs and powerful but smooth swing  I wish had been alive during his career but some great videos on youtube like  this show his artistryhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzR5RvttxJ0

 Roberto got exactly 3000 hits

Neil Walker  the  Prirates 2nd baseman owes his  very existance to Roberto Clemente  Before  Neil was born, his dad  Tom played winter ball with Clemente. Tom helped load that ill fated plane with  earthquake supplies that Roberto was going to personally deliver so he could be sure they got to the people in  Niccagurra who really needed them. Tom wanted to go along   but Roberto ,having fears about the safety of the mission  told Tom to stay.

After  Roberto’s death Commissoner Bowie Kuhn   asked Coopertown to waive the 6yr wait for Hall of  Fame induction. So  Roberto was elected to the HOF in 1973.  Also in 1973 the Comminsher’s award for   community service was renamed in Roberto’s honor. Fan’s can now vote to pick the one from this list of nominees https://secure.mlb.com/sponsors/chevy/clemente/y2013/index.jsp A player can only win once during his career. I normally do not vote on this because it hard to judge” good deeds”  Since Todd Helton  is retiring at seasons end  I may vote for him.  Would be an awesome way for   a good player and classy guy to go out   


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