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Way out wed. 11/6/2013 Pittsburgh Pirates

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The long playoff drought ended do you realize Bucs Fans we have seen  :

twice expanded playoff (1995 one wild card  Second wild card in 2011) 

divisonial realignment

pirates shift to NL central (1994)

interleague play 1997

Brewers shift league 1998 astros shift april 2013

players strike 1994-1995

the Marlins, Rockies,  Diamondbacks and  Devilrays(rays) were born all have played in worldseries

expanded cable and inerenet coverage

MLB has own Network (2009)

pirates had 6 Mangers ( by my count)

All star game roster exspanion , players vote for reserves home field in world series to  the winning  league DH full time oline ballots

leauge presidents stripped of power

2 comishiners

3 us presidents

2 pirates ballparks also new parks in Atlanta. Milwaukee  san fransico san diego, New york mets  and yankees Philly cincy Seatale  St.pete( bulit 1993 devilrays moved into 1998) Phoniex, houston  2 denver Ball parks  ( mile high 1993-1994 coors) 2 miami ballparks  2 washington dc ballparks ( rfk and naitonals park)

montreal expos move and become Washington nationials


Since Pittsburgh last had a playoff baseball team





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