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Thank You all Veterans 11/11/2013

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Being a person born with a disability, I’d like thank every active duty military and Veteran for serving in the place of people like me

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydWhRObVxrM awesome Billy Ray Cyrus video  that rings so true

 free food for vets #VeteransMess



http://www.wlky.com/holidays/see-free-deals-and-meals-for-veterans-on-veterans-day-2013/-/17014374/22856924/-/154f2pk/-/index.html from wlky out of Louisvile KY

every Vet deserves one or all  of these free Meals   and deals if you know or are offering free stuff to Veterans Tweet it to #VeteransMess  or post it to facebook (mess is military talk for Meals but I’m opening it up every type of deal) 

Be sure to thank a veteran today and help me mke sure every vets gets make sure every Vets get  what they deserve heartfelt thanks and a little pampering

thanks all MLB military Vets


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