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Way out Wed 11/20/2013 Reds

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I wonder  a few things about the Reds

1.Will Byran Price’s promotion to manager cost or profit come  Playoff time ? I know he is smart and has great ideas when it comes to  working with the pitchers but will that  translate to the rest of the roster.

2.  Who will be the pitching coach?  Given Price was the pitching coach  Mack Jenkins is stilll listed as the assistant pitching  coach will he be promoted  Will some one be brought in  ( Ted Power , Tom Browning, and or Mario Sotto ) who knows the Reds system?

3. What kind of support system will the Reds  give Price? need to fill out coaching staff quick

4.   Will the Reds trade Brandon Phillips ?  And if they do’nt what kind of  player will he be for the Reds after  he has already expressed bad feelings troward ownership and  some media?

5.  Will everyone be healthy heading to  Goodyear? Hope so.



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