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catching up Way out Wed 2/5/2014 Former Philly Schilling Facing a foe tougher than any batter

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I was preparing to do a blog post  Wed. about how the Phillies roster was going to look a little like  the Radio Shack Super Bowl  Ad , when   I saw online headline of Curt Schilling’s  cancer diagnosis. This is the latest challenge that the former Philly ,D’back , Red Sox  great, and current ESPN analyst. When he got traded from  the Astros to the Phillies  he was  a relief pitcher who was still trying reach his full potential. He could have  accepted his role but he worked his butt off and became  an ace starter for  the 1993 Phills who  lost to the  Blue Jays in the World  Series.   A few years later he needed Tommy John Surgery . Most pitchers  until that time lost speed on their fastballs he was one of first to comeback throwing harder. When he was traded the D’Backs his wife Shonda had just been  Diagnosed with skin cancer. They could have became very inwardly focused,  but  they lobbied for and got passed  an Arizona state law that  all playground equipment  be covered with white reflective tarps to give children  protection from the  UV rays of desert sun. Everyone remembers  his  amazing pitching  performance in ’04 despite a badly injured ankle. After his playing days.  He had a heart attack while watching Shonda run the  NYC Marathon .   In addition to his  health scares he also had  a business Failure when his video  game software company went under. This might have sent Curt to very dark place or made him deny all the  online rumors about his  company’s  impending failure. He admitted his mistakes. He took a high profile  job with ESPN which allows him to showcase his knowledge of  game. He also has been very candid about his failure to be more vocal on behalf of  the “clean players” during his time as a union rep and how he should have done more to rid the game of PEDs sooner. 

From what little I know about Curt, I know he is  gathering as much info as he can on the form of cancer he has ( He has not disclosed the type or severity of his cancer)  to find the best support staff and method to beat his cancer.  just like he would a batter. He is going to work his  butt off with his doctors and family to not let cancer beat him. I’ m praying  for Curt and his family that he have a speedy return to health and the ESPN airwaves.  


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