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Trivia tuesday 3/18/2014 around the league

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We are taking another trip around the league the  MLB  FanCave will keep you up the lasted all season long


The Yankee Redsox game was delayed by  the Angels  Triple A team ( bees) Where do the Triple A Bee call home?

a. Salt Lake City

b. palm spring

c. Tempe

ans Angels Triple A minor league club is in  Salt Lake City

Scott Feldman was named the  Astros opening day  starter  He only the the second pitcher to start for both Texas big league teams on  openning day. Who was the first?

a.  JR Richard

b.  Joe Niekro

c. Nolan Ryan

Ans c. Nolan Ryan thanks to  Marlins radio broadcast

Jose Quintana  gave up 9 Earned Runs today without  recording an out . If it was the first start of season, What  would his ERA be

Ans undifined ERA is calculated by taking the number Earned Run allowed times 9 then the divided by the number of innings pitched. A number can not be divided by 0

http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/schedule/index.jsp#date=03/18/2014 todays scores and games yet to come



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