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Way out Wed 3/26/2014 Bluejays got bombed

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The  Bluejays gave up 22 runs to the Pirates yesterday. It is embarrassing when a Major League team gets beat like a bad  Little League team but take heart Jays fans

  •  It is Spring Training No way Gibbons would let  the keep  pitchers throwing if they ” Don’t have it “during a regular season game
  • Starting Pitcher   Happ did not walk anybody.
  • They gave up a home run to a pitcher Jays won’t face many pitchers at the plate in the AL.
  • The wind can play havoc in single deck spring training stadiums
  • Jays scored 3 runs off the starter and 2 runs off a  mop up pitcher in the 9th showing fight to the end.
  • Another game today this time against  the  Yankees at Florida Auto Exchange  Stadium at 1:05 pm ( radio: Mlb.com.  TV: Snet) Yankee veterans rarely make roads trips) I will cyberly  starting from last nights blog locale Peoria sports complex in AZ https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Peoria+Sports+Complex,+N+83rd+Ave,+Peoria,+AZ&daddr=Florida+Auto+Exchange+Stadium,+Douglas+Avenue,+Dunedin,+FL&geocode=&sll=39.766555,-86.441277&sspn=5.02382,10.755615&hl=en
  • If my CP self played for the Bluejays, the  Pirates would have scored 52 against me
  • Nothing counts for the Jays  Until they open in Tampa Bay on 4/1



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