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Trivia Tuesday Texas Rangers 4/15/2014 Jackie Robinson Day

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I usually devote this time to trivia questions about a team. I wanted to incorporate either Jackie’s history against the selected team and or the first African- American, but the selection process  came up with the Rangers which post date the wave of first intergration.   I did come across an article on the court martial of Jackie while serving at Camp ( now Fort)Hood.

 http://www.archives.gov/publications/prologue/2008/spring/robinson.html   Reading this makes me marvel that Jack could hold in the anger he must have felt the first  two years of his MLB career. From what I  gather from storiesabout Jackie he often took the racism of his day head on. He understood that if he was branded as  crazy by fighting back against  the racist attitdues of  his day, A black player  may not  get this chance again. How would our society be had Jack failed?  Shortly  before his death Robinson took advantange of  the Comishiner invitation to Game 2 of the 1972 World Series to address his hopes for baseball’s future

I  think he would be proud of the Rangers and  Manager Ron Washington

Todays game

Note all on field personel will wear 42 across MlB today

Game time 7:o5 pm CDT

at Goble Life Park

weatherunderground says 61 and sunny



tv: fox sw

radio espn radio 103.3 (eng) 1540AM Espn deportes (ESP)

on the mound  for Seatle 42 Blake Beavan (2014 debut) for  your Rangers42  Robbie Ross( 0-0)

Break streak double up with co team averange leaders 42 Jim Adduci,Kevin Kouzmannoff

road trip 

i don’t own any of the links or vids not making money from blog please do’nt sue


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