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Trivia tuesday 4/14/2015 the Padres

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After his death  a  San Diego company realeased a _ to honor Tony  Gwynn

a. bat

b. cleat

c. Beer

ans c

Tony Gwynn coined what baseball slang

a. 1.5 hole -hole between the pitcher and 1b

b.2.5 hole between the pitcher and catcher

c.5.5hole – hole between ss and 3rd

ans c Tony loved to shoot the ball  through 5.5 hole and often spoke of doing it


Game notes

where is the game tonight?

Game time 7:10 MST( time zone of D’Backs=- San Diego time)

ans 7:10 MST = 7:10 PDt

weather 61 and partly sunny acoding to weatherunderground

what stations can I listen to the game over the air?

the mighty 1090 in english or xemo 860 en espanol note to listen to game on line must use MlB game day audio or mlb at bat on mobile devices

TV: Fox sports SD with what former NBC and CBS  sportscaster doing play by play in English. 2015 Ford c. frick winner ; fox sportsDeporets san diego en espanol

Are there tickets?

pitching for the snakes Jeremy Helickson(0-1) vs. (the guy who first relived  Ian Kenedy in home opener)

Beat the streak pick

spark plug for yanks in early 2014





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