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Throwback Thursday 4/16/1987 Cubs

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Lets hop in the time machine from the sight of Tuesday’s team of the day back the 1987  Cubs.

Before we get to the baseball let’s soak up some 1987 culture

the tunes


Cubs lose to the Pirates

Ed Lynch whose record was 1-1 after the game would finish with a 2-9  mark in 1987

Ryne Sandberg hit his 4th double of 25 he would hit that season

Cubs would fall from the 4th place 3 GB position they had in the NL east after the game to finish in last 18.5 GB of the division winning Cardinals.

Note Cubs broadcaster Harry Carry was recovering from a stroke this game according to baseball reference was a day before Bill Maury did the funniest play by-play ever filling in for Harry

Throwback Thursday snippet on Thursday’s I will use what day the game was played to give you an extra taste of something that I would have blogged about on that day Since April 16,1987 was a thursday you get a bonus throwback

we set the dial 9 years back to see the difference in the team

Cubs in first beat Pirates 4/16/1978  no players in common played in both games Harry was working for the White Sox  Jack Brickhouse was doing Cubs tv on WGN

snippet from 78 the game was on a Sunday in’78 so here is Chicago style pizza recipe.


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