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Trivia Tuesday 4/21/2015 Chicago Cubs

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Who was the last Cub manager to

Manage a Cub Wold series winner

Manage a Cub pennant winner

Manage as a Cub Manager in an All Star game (do not asume)

Manage the Cubs to the playoffs

Game notes

Where is tonight’s Cubs game? note:the map will be coming from this blogs last game monday night

what time? 7:05pm edt = Chicago time

Ans 6:05 pm cdt


ans WBBM Chcago area / gameday audio

tv? WGN note Chicago area /MLB tv only

rain delay chance?

ans yes 52 dregees with a Chance of rain

Where they stand?

ans 2nd 1 gb of stL

on the mound

for your Cubs 2013 NL All star(1-1)

for the Pirates Fransico LIrano 0-1

Beat streak pick Subtututed  Adrian Gonalez with former Cub Dj lameuwho hit

today’s pck

2014 Baseball America Minnor League player of the year

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