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Fantasy Friday 5/1/2015 Cleveland Indians

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Things are Stating slow for the Tribe. they had a team ops of .706 for 2014 season (ranked 12 in MLB) as compared to.675 (tied for 21). Granted i’m comparing all last season to this season’s small sample but fans I’m sure notice the dip in offense. The most shocking thing is the Indians huler have fallen from tied for 16 rated WHIP at 1.27 in 2014 to the 27 rated whip at 1.46

Game notes

shooting over 50 years and 400 miles to ge the 7.10 EDT game


weather underground forecast partly cloudly 55

radio wtam (gameday audio)

tv:Sportstime ohio (mlb.tv outside of clevland corverage area)

on the mound


Mark Buehrle   56 | P 1.73 WHIP

for your tribe

Carlos Carrasco   59 | P 1.34 whip

Beat the streak pick

ryan raburn top ops  on the tribe


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