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Way out Wed 5/6/2015 been wild start for this Reds fan

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Let’s see our$100 million   pitcher coming back from Flexor Mass surgery now needs Tommy John his season now over. Our bullpen shakier then the products in the Jell-O test kitchen.Our All star catcher cannot catch because of a hip injury but front office won’t DL him because he can still bat. The media trying to get to the bottom of the strange front office moves get f bombed by our manager.  our third baseman cannot hit with runners on base but he has hit many solo homers.Our first baseman is back to superstar form. Hopefully our right fielder soon will be , and our speedy center feilder can find his way to first base more. Being a .500 team is a miracle.Bad thing is the Cards may run away with the divison.

Game notes

blog road trip

from New york to Pnc for our Reds road game

game time 7:05 edt

weatherunderground forecast 74 partly cloudy if reds in steel city it always rains

radio 700 wlw (Marty and Cowboy are crazy in a good way)

tv Fox sports ohio (great to watch muted with radio on wlw  error in cc often laughable)

on the mound

Pitts Greitit ‘Hope he pitches like Nat King”cole 4-0

for our Reds Mike  “faucett”  Leake 1-1

Beat the streak pick


joey “the mountie” votto



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