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Throwback Thursday 5/7/2009 Florida Marlins

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we jump in the time machine going from Pnc park to the Florida Marlins home game at Landshark Stadium on 5/7/ 2009 

Despite 2 Homers by  Hanley Ramirez the Braves beat the Marlins 4-2

with the 2009 game falling on  a thursday I decided to  take a look at Sanchez Career numbers as a   Marlin

he won 10 games with 3 loses his rookie year in 2006

was 2-1 in 2007

2-5 in 08

4-8 in 2009

12-13 in 2010

8-9 in 2011

5-7 for the Marlins before being traded to Det in 12

game notes

going from the game in 2009 to Thursday’s Marlins Game in San Fran

Dan Haren fared better then Sanchez did in  2009

Beat the Streak pick

Channeling 2009 Marlin SS and leading hitter Hamley ramirez i picked current Marlin SS  Adeiny Henchveria who went 2-4

where they stand t-3rd 4.5 gb


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