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Trivia Tuesday 5/12/2015 Boston Red Sox

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Fenway park is

a. Mlb’s oldest Park

b. Mlb’s smallest  seating capcity.

c. Mlb’s highest ticket price

d. all the above

ans d all the above

May 6 1915 was important date in Red Sox and MLB history . What happened?

a. Fenway walls were painted green

b. Babe Ruth’s first home run

C. Cy yuong’s last win

ans b Babe Ruth hit his first homer. he However pitched a complete game extra innngs loss  for the Sox vs the Yankees.

True or false The Left field wall was always green

false it was ads until 1947 when it was painted green

Games notes

we go from where the Red sox played Sunday games until the 1940sto tonights road game in Oakland

game  7:05 oakland time = – 05 boston time

ans 10

partly couldy 53

radio weei eng

sbn 1150 esp (gameday auido)

TV Nesn

on the mound

 for your Sox made his Red Sox in 2008 born in Jamaica 2-1

for oakland Drew Promeranz 1-3

beat the streak

has play 6  different position for red sox in 2015


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