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way out wed tampa bay devil rays5/20/2015

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they were born in 1998

they had an already 5 year stadium with crazy long lease terms far away from downtown tampa that look like they are still consructing it(blog road trip from fenway to where the devilrays played there home games)

a mix of free agent vets and exspanion draft picks

had an ownership group who could not agree on to make the club better

the free angent were a mixed bag of succuess and gross failure tampa natavies Wade Boggs and Fred “the crime dog ” Mcgiriff gave devilray fans some thrills but Jose canseco and vinny castilla not so much


Same with draft picks  tony saunders the big name from the expanion draft kept breaking his arm while pitching

Josh hamolton never played an inning from the Devilrays due to drug problems

but Carl Crawford show them things to come

Mangers were a pitching from the inste ravail  the 1997bworld champion Marlins, Lary rothchild, they triedHhal Macrae traded for “sweet Lou Pinella and promised they would not penny pinch the pay role. lol

but when they dropped from the rays thing changed


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