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Way out wed.5/27/2015 Took my folks to a Reds

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I still so excited when I see a Reds game live and in person.  On the way to Great  American Ballpark I had gotten discount tickets for My 60+ yo parents and was hoping that Tuesday’s walk off win would start to turn the  Reds season around. I found myself in my van humming in my head the same song i have since my first Reds game.


Once my folks figured out the Cincy maze to find our way to  a parking spot. Entering the stadium about 40 mins before first pitch. A couple of friendly Reds  staff helped us to our seats. A Korean war Veteran group from the great state of Indiana, was a prefect color graud for an awesome signer that made you feel the patriotism that our natiomal anthem should.    Mike “Faucett ” Leake had Another rough start but  Todd “little big leaguer” used  Sinatra power to start our road back


Billy ” Road runner” Hamilton showed off his wheel by leging out a hit and swiping a base. A late inning rally was started by Back up catcher Tucker Barnhart a Brownburg Indiana native(one of 3 in Mlb right now)homering but  Despite getting thebases loaded and geting a few hits to draw close  cutting the score to 6-4. I would like to thank Bryan Price for giving my 2 beat the streak picks Brandon DatBp Philips  and The secert wepon Bryan Pen~a a chance on their day off to come of the bench and start a new beat the streak for me they did not come through but you tried . Thanks to all the kids groups who always bring a fun energy to a ballpark. Thanks a lot Jay  Bruce for letting  the Taylor swift tune get back in my head.


thanks to Reds rally T shirt lauching crew for shooting an all star t close enough to my dad where he could  get it. Thank you Reds and Rockies for  a great game. Thanks to the Reds nacho concession stand.  for letting me get a batting helmet full of nachos for $16 the helmet will wash and keep as a decorating piece/ rally head gear. Thank  the Reds hall of Fame for the great Tony Perez and All star exhibts. Thank you  Whiskey’s In Lawerenceburg indiana for great postgame meals. Most importantly thank you  Mom and Dad for gettng me there.

check out the Reds hall of fame


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