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Trivia Tuesday 6/2/2015 Milwaukee Brewers

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1982 WS  trivia

What was the nickname for the 1982 AL penant winning Brewers?

Ans Harvey’s Wallbangers managed by Harvey Kuehn

What player lead the Brewers in batting in the 1982 WS?

What Pitcher recorded the last  a win in Ws play (hint game 5)?

The Series was dubbed The _ series

a. Beer gogles

b. Drunk

c. Suuds

Ans. C

todays games

blog road trip

 From Mondays blog game in the minors to the Brewers road game at the home of thier 1982 oponent turned disvison rival 

weather unerground forecast  73 partly cloudy

game time

7:15 pm STL= Mil

same time

radio wtmj 620

tv fox sports wis

on the mound

for Your Brewers 2014 Midseason southern league All star (MLB debeut)

for Stl Lance Lynn 3-4

beat the streak

2011 AFL Rising Star game Player


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