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happy fathers day to all father’s and father figures

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I want to thank my brother-in-law and sister for letting my folks and I watch  my niece and nephew  various times over the  last week and a half He is a stay at  home dad with a  bussiness selling  carved bowls at renactments , craft stores ,and online

You can check out his bowls at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BigBbowls This allows him to stay at home as my sister works and not have to pay for daycare. The kids are well mannered and happy. My niece loves camping at shows with her  Dady a  fun time for a 6 year old. My 1 year old teething nephew tried it but was not quite ready for the fun . I hope both kids will have many years of that fun with their dad.

I would also like to thank my dad who is very skilled with  his hands and is one of most comon sense filled  people I know. ften when my addaptive equipment breaks or need  something modified can come up with something that works for me. He tolrates my love of baseball (sports not his thing) and the fact I still live at home.

Lastly , Thanks to MLB and prostate cancer foundation for doing the home run challenge again this year.


beat steak picks

despite not taking much time to blog lately i still made beat the picks and had 3 gamer going into sundays games. I thought about what my dad would tell me  you need a guyto get a hit pick the guy who’s got the most. so i picked hits leader for the season Dee Gordon who had a great day against my Reds , but as  I  often atemped a double down, and picked ichro who ked in his only ab


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