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Trivia Tuesday 6/23/2015 Around the league

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Trivia  based on top MLB news

Who got the first regular season Interlegue hit

Ans Darryl Hamilton (RIP)

Who gave up Pete Rose’s last hit?

Ans Greg Minton of the Giants ( I don’t if Pete bet on it) te

Who gave up A Rod 1st hit?

Ans Serigo Valdez of the Red sox

In 1947 fan voting for the All Star game was introduced It was stoped from 1958-1970 because in 1957 Reds fan stuffed the ballot box with pre marked Ballots that were premarked with thier Sunday Cincinnati Enquire, I find  it ironic that  ballot stufing is again an issue with the game being in Cincy.

today games

todays pitching  match ups

todays around the parks forecast powered by weather underground

media shedule

what will be on my radio

700 wlw reds at pirates 7:05pm I always keep radio on my Reds,

on my Dish

i will flip between FS1 Cards  at Marlins 7pm

reds and Pirates FSO 7pm

Dodgers at Cubs  CSC 8pm

college world series 8:0pm Espn

Astros at Angels 10pm mlbn

what I will  following online

whatever game starts  first will be my first blog stop and the game i will listen to Oline first I like to listen to the Brodcast of the team in the lead (or at bat in tied games). i will listen until that game ends. Then our next blog stop will be the game closest to its end. and so on. If there is an oficial rain delay in the first game scheduled I will roll a dye. If first roll is higher I will move on to another game , letting the rain delayed  game slide down the docket . If the  2nd roll is higher I will wait out the rain offering trivia/ weather updates about every half hour until play resumes. If the rolls equal we will go to  another game but going back to the rain delayed game when play has resumed. This will be my plan until very last pitch of the night.

Beat the streak pick

a 2013 gold glove winner


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