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throwback thursday 7/9/1893 Boston Beaneater(now Atlanta Braves)

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Blog road trip from Fenway park site of Wed.game to the Beaneaters home park (South end grounds). The Beaneaters did not play on 7/9/1893 acordding the baseball almanac .

if the Beaneater were playing tonight’s  Braves foe the Colorado Rockies

in 1893

they would have travrled by train

to a state only 17 years old

to play a day game no outdoor lighting at balparks in 1893

on a badly draining field with no diamond dry for rainny games like  tonight

no fancy scoreboard effects or  sounds Maybe organ music

pitchers would  finish the game and pitch more games throwing about 300 to 400 inings per year( but from what I noticed  from looking on MLB.com pitchers lasted about 4 years)

maybe a telegraph and a reporter


Coors Field holds about 10 times more then south end grounds ( acording wlkipedia)

flying to game on team charter plane

braves on their 3rd home city in 3rd state and countless nickname

radar, tarp  diamond dry ,to combat any rain

pitchers do’nt finish games  do’nt return after rain delays ( probbably not many rain delays however in 1893) less inings pitched arm suregies to keep pitcher pitching more years

ballpark has lights score board graphic recorded walk up and pitcher entrance music

more ballpark food choices

radio tv internet print reporters sometimes bilungual

beat the streak pick

thursdays  are the i allowing an out of date team name an locale to be used to make a a beat the streak pick

i base my thursday picks on batting avg leader from th throwback year since the Beaneaters were lead by OF Hugh Duffy  I picked  Braves OF Nick Markakus who has a hit tonight to stretc my beat to 5. Had I done more research both i picked  I would have known Duffy was a CF i should have picked  Maybin. but i get a prize so i do’nt care.

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