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throwback thurday 8/13/2006 seatle mariners

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it was a sluggfest on that sunday evening at americaquest field(now globe life park in arlinton tx)on that sunday night

we jump in the time machine and travel to 2006

in the clubs


on tv (2006 is hard to find on youtube found a veronica mars promo from one of the mariners tv brodcast statons


game notes

tv: being that the game was on a sunday night in texas the game could have been the sunday night game on espn or could have been the it is a hot sunday in texas game sometimes Espn would alow  the rangers  andthe team they played on non espn sunday night game( espn is normally only tved game on sunday nights) game may have been televised by upn/cw staion  kstw 11or fox sport norrthwest( now all root sports)

radio was 710 still is but has gone from komo branding to espn branding

the broadcaster were Dave Neihaus (no longer with us) Rick rizz(according wepida only broadcaster from the 2006 booth still brocasting for the team)ron fairly retired at end of 2006( Dave Valie( on mlb network now) dave Herdenson, and jay burnher)

throwback snipet

since the game was on a sunday here are some smoked salon recipe that you use for sunday dinner party


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