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Way out Wed 8/19thow back thursday820/2015 geting lost with an old friend great seats and good game made for a great night

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Disclaimer All Pix are posted with the premisson of Andycorp industies inc.

My best friend from Elementary/highschool Andy and I did our 2nd annual trip to see the  Reds. I was bussed from my  local school system to Andy’s School system 35 miles  because that school was better equiped to handle my special needs back then(pre ada) Andy was the first non disabled friend I made in that school .  Becaue of the distance between our towns we did not hang out of school activities . So now that we are adults ( if only leagaly) we make a point to email and phone each other. And I think we both teasure the outings we get to do . Since Andy now has a wife , a ssteady job ,and yuong son. I’m really glad  they are all a part of his life His wife  and having the son helped break him of  harmful habbits, but he is still the same old Andy I remember.

When it came to ordering tickets Andy gave me the right to pick the game.   I went down thelist of Reds home games to try find a game with a wheelchair ticket availible  Tony Perez night no, Tuesday vs. the Royals on 18th no. wed.vs. the Royals  $94 a piece scout seat . Days before the game a can remember there was something special about scout seats butI i can’t remember  what ( partly because I have never sat there). I read on the Reds website that  scout seats have private restrooms and conncessions ( oh wow that is awesome). The day came along with the chance of rain . Andy planned to work half a day and pick me up for a late lunch and off to the ball game. I was happily surpised that he showed up earlier then he figured. I could not wait to start our buddy road trip. I had suggested whisky’s in Lawrenceburg. We were enjoying great conversation about life, family, bussiness ideas(Andycorpindusries inc. my website reachforyourdream.net) , and our friend  Joel who died a few years after our high school graduation from Muscular dystrophy(he was with us in spirit)  Then  Andy mde his first mistake,havin gthe cerebal  palsy guy who has no sense of direction ( not  true of every person with cp but is very true for me), who navagates by landmarks, and had only been there once before, tell him how to get to whisky’s (he did not like the google map i printed), After me telling about 3 wrong land mark he learns trust his smart phone not cp landmark guy. But we made it to great meal and more talk..  as we leave the resturaunt it starts pouring we have an about an hour to  Great  American ball park for the schesuled start.  Well while we were laughing and having good time in my van motoring in  the rain  andy missed a turn and had to loop around the queen city. we were late for scheduled start time.  andy apoloizes that we are not going to make it on time. as it turns out the rain was a blesing because it delayed the game we had enough time to remience about wkrp (i wanted to sing the theme song but andy  said he would only allow it if we were in Foutain Square),  find a spot in the parking garage  jump on the fancy people elevator ( with a elevator operator) check out the prvate restrooms scope out our seats and get back on the elevator to go to  the  team shop(where we get sticker shock  and do the running window shoping commentary). He got has son a foam finger( i can see a lot of the little guy whacking dady with it)  Andyfound an all star Fountain square pin (baby if you ever wondered , wondered what bought at the Reds team shop). We return to the elevator it leads us to the most magical place i have ever been to in my baseball life.


Not only was the view great but ballpark staff could take your orders and bring you your grub.  Even   Andy  who is not one to be easily impresed was blown away by the seats i was abled to get for us.

It did not start well for the queen city boys.as the big bue kc Machine  jumped on  Sampson for 2 runs in the1st(i screamed at Sampson not to cut his hair)Then the two  beat the streak pikcs i made for that.night  Barandon Phillps( i was pleased to learn that Phillips was  Andy’s favorite  Reds after i made the pck) and joey votto. homered back to back. Smoke from celebratory fireworks drifted over us like a fog. But the tie was short lived as kc struck again.  Andy had our waiter bring us a couple of cokes ( bescause 5 solid hrs of talking and laughing makes you thristy). I loved the fact that Drew Buetra ,  son of former Red Sal Butera. all night I screamed at him things like  Hows your dad? say hi to dad for me? Do you remeber running around the clubhouse at Riverfront? Andy fought the urge to jump on the dugout and dance all night long. Along about the  6th innings the Reds  are rallying with what looks like a great chance to  at least tie if not take the lead, and my blader was saying We need to go soon! (pounding a 16 oz coke in 10 minutes will do that to you). usally at home this would be an easy call. My supertation dicates that if the Reds are down  i go use the bathroom the Reds catch up. But being at the ballpark in great seats makes you say i’ll wait till the inning ends becausethere is a good chance we will see them score there was so little chance they would not score they had the bases loaded and no one out the next batter struck out then the next batter hit a little peopper to  the first baseman who drops the ball  Well me and the runner on 3rd had one thing in common, neither one of us saw an ump singal the infeild fly rule I’m thinking we are going to score. he is probably thinking he has to score or be forced out( by rule he could have stayed at third) The  Royals first basman throws the runner out at the plate. So  Andy helps roll me to the private restroom for some relief of a diferent kind. He sees a display case i had noticed earlier. knowing my love of Johnny Bench he snaped a pic of his “tool box


We also got to see  the return to cincy of pitcher Sam Lecure. As he comes sprinting in from I  screamed, “You have Ledisease we have Lecure.  I noticed that in the late innings  Reds fans were outnumbered by Royals fans every time they would chant let go Royals. I  would defend Reds Country by Yelling ” Lets go Reds” Andy told me if I started something with a Royals fan  I was on my own.( I think he would wheel me out of there If something did go down).The Reds tried to rally but fell short( maybe i should have stood up from my wheelchair and sang the WKRP theme song durring the rally). so at 12:30am iwth the post game fireworks canceled  due to city Noise laws(if i’m the owner i’d pay the fine and shoot them off) we try to get back home. It was starting to rain again We got caught up in the usally traffic flow and like many people ,we do a full loop around cincy before  Andy figures out how to head back home in the maze. You would think that we would have been drained from the late night and fact we are not kids anymore , but i have to tell you we were laughing and talking all the way to my house. Getting just before 3 am. Ican’t think of a  better way to spend an evning..

Thanks old friend


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