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Clinch Watch for KC

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the Doubleday Baseball Center has issused a clinch watch for the KC Royals  meaning that with a Twins loss and a Royals win KC wins the AL central.

Be adivised

When one happens ( but not the other) it wil be upgraded to clinch warning. There may not be time  much to get ready so heres some things you should do to perpare

Kids should  try to have their homework finished and bathes taken by 7 CDT

Have fresh batteries for your remote Twins game on Fs1  royals on fskc Use a radio ,MLB gameday , Mlb.tv or Mlb at bat app to  keep up with ever changing baseball condicitions for Royals Country.

be ready to party but do’nt be crimial destructive or just plain stupid( do not  drink and drive , be mean to fans , law enforcement, or other people or ther propetry)

consider mass tranist or carpool to the ball park or any place you want to celeberate tonight( less parking hassle. note if you choose carpool option driver should not consume achool.

keep in touch with all royals releated media (social and standard) to find best a safest ways to party for your Royals.


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