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trivia tuesday around the league 9/29/2015

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61 years ago today Willie Mays made his famous catch, Who hit the ball

a. Vic Wertz

b. duke sinder

c. rocky collovotio

ans A vic wertz

some say that the catch is overrated because it is Mays and in a WS game and players today make catches like that every day . While the first 2 points are valid but Mays went over 420 ft to make the catch and wheeling around to make a prefect cut off to 2nd to hold the runner al rosen at first. There is not a centerfield that deepnow  so no Centerfielder now is being ask to or making the catch and throw today

Today’s schedule.

Doubleday baseball center has isused a clinch watch for toronto  St louis and La dodger regions if the Jays  win and the yankees lose the Jays will win the AL east, If one happen before the other a clinch warning will be issused ,i n the case of the Cards case the is strong pitching Wacha system against a Morton system if both system pitch to thier max  capebilty the Card may have slight edge but  the situation bares watching any warning will not come until the 9th inining or if the Cards get a greater run lead over the Pirates than  batting outs   In the Dodgers case they are playing the Giants The Doubleday Baseball center was tempted to issuse a Clinch warning  for the Dodgers , but our forecasters and instaments find these ace Vs ace rival vs rival systems hard to predict

todays local and mlb.tv gameday auido guide

national tv schedule

beat the streak in  a day you have until 7 :00 edt to make your picks

weather forecast from weather underground wet night in east and midwest


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