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Sunday soap opera

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Will  todays 3:00 Edt all start (except for first game of Braves Cards twinbill) add drama ? Yess in houston, texas, laa, Pirate ticket offices( online and physical) Cubs ticket offices, New york Yankees ticket offices, but everywhere else  not so much.

Will there be tiebreakers?If there are here’s how they wil happen

Is there anything better then being a Baseball team in texas today?Rangers if you mess up today you get at least 2 additional games. Houston  Astros you get one bonus game if they mess up and you would host that

Where will the wildcard games be played Yanks and Bucs win they host the wildcard games if not they open the door for the texas teams and the Cubs to host the wildcards. Will my Reds play mini spoiler ( they play the Pirates today and beat them last night) Do the teams really care where they play?

Why are the  Cards &Braves playing two today ? no baring on postseason. Card are bangged up and top NL playoff seed.. They should the right to forfeit. if  Mlb insist on every team  playing 162 Make the Indians and Tigers make up their rain out game on monday. If this dh had any playoff importance would have Mlb held the 1st game start back to 3:15 edt or would have they had an insannely longer rain delay on saturday.

what role will mother nature play?


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