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Way out wed Game 5s have 4 cities and one whole country excited

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The  ALDSes have been super exciting Tor. down 0-2  went to texas with one mission make it to game 5 in Canada. a Game 3 rally and a game 4 Thanksgiving Day(Columbus Day  here in the States) pounding  by the Jays,has all of Canada buzzing..Former Rangers owner, and former US President George W. Bush  had to feel good about the Rangers chances of getting  an  unlikely AlCS berth, but now he and all of the Metroplex baseball  fans will have their eyes glued to FS1 and maybe their ears tuned to KRLD for the Texas Rangers english radio broadcast or KZMP for a broadcast in the first euro langue spoken in Texas( spanish) at 3pm Cdt

For Canadains the game is going to be televised on SN ( I have always wonder are Canadians given the American broadcast or will the Jays anouncers be on the call  north of the boreder) sn790 will have jays radio at 4 edt.

Todays  pitching matchup seemed  unlikely at the start of 2015.

For the Rangers

the  pitcher everyone was surpised the Rangers were able to trade for Cole “the Hammer” Hammels

For the Jays

Marcus Stroman  who tore  his ACL on the first day of spring training. Doctor’s told him  he would not pitch this year. He has knee surgery  ,goes  back to Duke University, rehabs  twice a day taking classes for sociolgy degree,  gets his degree,comesback to dominate september and pitches will in game 2.

Weather forecast  loud with a chance of white rally hankies.

then at 8pm edt 7 cdt

The kc Royals will host their mirrior images the Houston Astros

Both teams have speed, power ( houston has a lil more), Solid starting rotations, Fireballing pens( kc’s slighty better), great defense. If the Astros made more contact an kc had an ex us president/fan to throw out first pictches:


they could be twins.

on the mound

astros colin mchugh( isn’t he a British actor)

kc   johnny cueto former red miss the dreds


FS1 (mlb network may  have the start of this game if jays ranger game goes long)

radio  houston  kmbe english klat spanish

weather forecast 67 clear

kc kcsp

All games on espnradio

This is the best Winner take all!!! Get them seat edges ready baseball fans


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