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trivia tuesday lcs trivia

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The Blue  Jay are  the team outside of the us who has won lcses (2, 1992-1993)

Piror to last nights ALCS loss the Royals had not loss an ALCS game since game 4 of the 1985 lcs to toronto

The Cubs are on the short list of teams never to win  lcs (seatle Mariners, Montreal expos/Washington Nationals)

The Mets have played lcs es against the Astros in 1986 (when Astros were still in NL) The Dodgers 1988 The St.louis cardinals.

todays games

R.A Dickey  a pitcher who can’t have Tom John surgery( x rays after the rangers drafted him revieled he has no ucl)  got his knuckleball ball roughed up.  The Royals join the 2003 Cubs and 2004 yankees for most runs scored in the first 4 games of an lcs. but beware kc those teams lost the seires.

in chcago

Rookie Kyle Schwaber set a cubs postseason record with his 5 homer

but daniel muphy hit a homer in a 5 straight playoff game and met record 6 postseason


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