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Way out wed Already so Many Wild Happenings at the Seires

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Volquez pitches not knowing about dad’s death.

From the atricle I read on Yahoo, Eddison’s wife  called Ned  Yost relay the news that Eddi’s father had died. She requested that Eddison not be told the news would be broken to him after he pitched in the game. I cannot imagine how Ned Yost felt knowing that the minnute you take Volquez out of the game he is going to hear such a gut wrenching thing as the death of  a parent . The good thing is players are not allowed to use soical media during a game. had eddison checked his facebook he would have learned durring his outing that his dad passed that morning . I also have to give Fox a lot of credit for not reporting the story for the simple reason that pitcher will often go into the clubhouse during the game with game boadcast often on the clubhouse tv.  that would be bad to find out from a fox reporter that a parent died.  My prayers go out to the whole Volquez Family.  And  Eddison , tu padre está orgulloso de ti(translated Your dad is proud of you).

On the lighter side  hows about that Fox power outage.

The power  goes down in the fox tv truck with both the main and backup genarators konk out, so sorry Saints’ back up qb Luke McCown, Fox’s backup generators (unlike verizon’s) did not shine.


So  Fox sends the audience the fs1 baseball guys in  an Los Angeles( I assume). They  did their best to fill time  but you could tell, Eric Karros and the D train did not expect to be on durring the game.(took them like 20 seconds to realize they were being watched and welcome us.) They were probbaly thinking , “Fill time is  Pete, Frank, Arod, and Cj’s  job .”but they were in KC


Meanwhile in KC they decide to delay the game because without the Fox feed replay chanleages might not work right . So Joe Tore the umps, and the managers agree to go back to the dark ages of 2 years ago and have no replay review until the tv is restored(mlb need a backup replay plan) . It took them a while for them to announce to the ticket buying fan in  the ballpark why game was being delayed, and when he was anounced i belive all that was said was there was a power outage in the fox  truck ( no reminder of the imprtance of the Fox feed to replay) if i’m in a seat it would tick me off to have a game  I drop major coin on delayed for  the tv people . Fox got hooked into  the Mlb international tv feed, They let Matt vaskerisian and John Smoltz  call an inning or so before Fox sends their crew to take  over the MlB international booth (could n’t figure why). Shortly after the takeover. the brodcast dies again.  back to the fs1 guys shocked again that they were back on camera . but this was quickly fixed   I can picure the fox tech crew going nuts with the glitches. I wonder who caused the generators to fails i have some supects .

The cable alter eggos of Rob Lowe. Joe Buck was doing a promo for Rob’s new fox show the Grinder, Maybe the direct tv ad  cable alter egos want it  to fail.


maybe arod was showing off his football arm again.


.  Fox crew eating Kc BBQ? Did things get saucy and rubby in the truck

Stolen base= stolen Breakfast 11/5

Last year the Royals had a DH Billy Bulter Nicknamed Country Breakfast Lorenzo Cain should be nicknamed Taco Breakfast

And the game was awemsome

back and forth rallies good pitching clutch hitting homers steals , and historical happrning,  game 2 with  DeGom the bomb against the man of a 1000 motion Johny cueto. Because i like to hear the audio from the team ahead  I will watch on Fox muting it for wor when mets in charge I may also use the wepn met spanish or kcsp feed when the royals ar ahead


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