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Pete Rose Saga Makes me mad from all sides

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I so angry at Pete for:

breaking rule 21 and taking 14 years to own up to it  For 13 years I chilsish believed Pete  never bet on baseball (despite strong evience he did) It woke me up to th fact that you can’t  trust your diamond heroes when Pete said


He still gambles even on baseball (as he told the commish). You  need to stop gambling Pete it has caused you a lot of problems!!!   You have an Adidction you need help

Quit saying that the wrost thing to your  chances was Commisher Giamantii dying. First off the stress you put him through contruted to his fatal heart attack. Secondly  with Baseball is slow to change and rule against  commandments set down by past Comminshers  every single time that Rule 21 was applied piror to Rose was  ethier for players who threw games , or the year spensisons for those who dared to socilize with ganblers and bookmakers. Pete is the only guy to get busted( that i’m aware of)  for betting on his own team to win. I often wonder how Comimsher  Landis would have handled a player/manager like Rose who bet for his team not against it. Thrid you  were and continue to be  less the forthcoming in your betting activities and going to court to block the Commishner from actting on your gambling MLB rule breaking

I’m  mad at MLB for


treating Pete like their lap dog.”paroling him” when his  apearance helps MLB look good and make money for them. If you are going to get mad at him for making money from his “baseball life”by doing card signings in Cooperstown Hall fame weekend, then don’t invite him to all century teams and all star unless you know that the gambling problem which is the cause of his banishment is being efectively treated.

Having no firm guideline to his banishment. Early on in his banishment he  co-hosted a Reds WLWT produced  pregame  show, Commishner Vincent ordered him to stop but in 2015 he could work for fs1 with no firm change in his gambling.and saying that working in tv was never part of  his ban. okk?

saying that MLB has no power in Rose’s Hall of  Fame staus.

Commishners have a seat on the borad of directors at The Hall of Fame Commishner Kuhn got them to waive the 6 year waiting period for Roberto  Clemente after  Roberto died im the 1972  plane crash( it was the right thing to do). Comishner Vincent urged to the board to pass a rule that was already common practice. No one on the lifetime banned list gets considered for the Hall.( at least Shoeless joe was on the 1936 hall ballot)  So do not tell me MLB has no power in Pete getting in the Hall. Seems to any baseball fan with half a brain that Comminsher Manfred could lift the ban making  Pete elidible for the Hall. He could also ask to hall to consider Rose for the election.  The Hall has made it clear that they will not consider Pete so long as he is banned. So in the words of Judge  Judy, “Don’t  Pee on my leg and tell me it is raining” It is within MLb’s   power to at least deem Pete   up for election.

For being slow to act on the  PED issuse

It puts its record keepers  and  the Hall votters in a tough spot of trying to judge what players were clean  and when did  the strongly suspected and  actual PED using Hall of Famer canidates start using. MLB should have tried to pass a lifetime  ban for PED use when  rummors of  juiced up players started.  It would have lessened the chance o.f players using steriods because the fear of being  Pete Rosed or  Black Soxed would be too great. It  would mean no Hall ticket for those players whose stats say they should be in Cooperstown and  no baseball jobs after retirement. Of course, back in the Black Sox Era the owners were so fearful of fan backlash gave Judge Landis absolute lifetime power over the game. With the modern Labor union and lack of strong  outcry from fans,  a liftime PED ban would seem unlikely.

Babseball sponsored by Draft Kings.

Does this not encourage Fans to kinda do what Rose is banned for doing.

In the emd MLB and Pete could do  things alot better




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