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Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey Jr. were great testaments to their fathers

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This year’s  Hall of Fame induction this year might be better described as Farthers day. Mike Piazza’s Dad Vince and Junior’s Dad Ken Griffey Sr . Invested a lot of connections and know how to help their sons reach  baseball stardom. Vince  built a bating cage for Mike and used his conections with  Tommy  Lasorda and Ted Willams  to get some ofthe best baseball coaching a kid could have.Junior often  stayed with his Mom in  Cincy as  his dad played for teams in other cities but when Junior would need some baseball coaching or bonding time with the dad he idolized,  he would be on a plane to see  his  hero.Ken Sr.  said on The MLB Network show  Hot Stove he said that he knew Junior wanted to play in the majors, so he figured the biggest thing he could do for him is to give his the tips  he did not get from the older players when he was coming up in the 1970s. Armed with that knoweledgebe , a swing modeled after his dad , and lighting quick wrists to   be the Number 1 over all pick  in the 1987 draft. This year will mark the first HOF class that features a number one overall pick.  this class  will also be the first class with  a 62 round  pick (1988) Mike Piazza. The Dodgers took   Mike as a favor to  Tommy  Lasorda.   Mike may be the only player that ever makes the Hall from the 62 round( does not exsist anymore)

Ken Griffey JR. came to  1989 spring Traing at 19 Just hoping to have a roster spot He went on to be one of  the greatest players and greatest ambassadrs for MLB over most of the next 2 decades.  He was   MLB  marketing’s  dream a cool kid in touch with the youth culture of his time( Video game and hip hop music) without being scarying to the older fans ( no rumors of drugs or connects to   gangster rapers). He was the cool guy who wore his cap backwards( I found out during his Red Hall of fame speech ) because he  tried to wear his  dad’s Reds  cap when he was a little kid. So he must have been thrilled when  dad’s Reds contract was sold to the Mariners in  1990 and the Griffeys became the first father  and son to  not only play on a mlb diamond but to do this


over the years he gave fans in northwest , ohio valley and south side of chicago so many memories


alot of the time Ken  SR  would recieve a milestone homer ball as a birthday or fathers day gift ( sr sjoked jr was cheap) sadly injuries robbed Reds fans of Junior’s best but  seeing a great artist latter work is still seeing a great arist. I know junior was a litle discouraged by the inuries and may have been at least a little tempted to use PEDs.  It was probbably a great help to have a father who knew how to up for a game with an aging body.

Mike Piazza had his share of  triphums and challenges during his hall of fame career

1993 roy of the year in the nL

1996 all star mvp near is hometown with vince in the stands

most homers by a catcher


homering in the first Met home game  after 9/11

I’m sure Vince helped Mike deal with all the stress of being a public superstar playing during a questionable area in baseball when media seem to knock his small impreftion in his game and life.   using a quiet tough work ethic he was a hall of fame catcher.

It is not a strech to say Piazza and griffey Jr are the hall of famers their dads helped to molde them into








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