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catching up way out wed 2/24/2016 Baltimore Orioles/black sox/ elites

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we go to  O’s Camp where the media has made the birds off season  and first few days of spring a little crazy  First  you had Buck Showalter  calling his Free agent first baseman Chris  Davis greedy for not signing the Birds generous offer to return to nest righr away instead looking at other offers first. A player is  within his rights to see all offers for his services when he is a free agent.  Davis will be back in  the charm City but I have to belive Buck relarionship might be a little strained. Then they  agree to terms with pitcher Youvani Giurado only to have the media leak that issuse came up during his phtsical the deal was redone but this makes for bad press. Now the media leakedthat Birds had signed Dexter Folwer to  a 3 yr $ 33 million contract only to have him  really sign for less money with his 2015 the  Cubs.   The  story reported by some oulets today was dexter  wanted an opt out  clause the birds would not give. The  media needs to make sure they have their facts staight  Players and teams should have their reps only speak when deals are  done and not air  dirty laundry out in the 21 crntury media. It makes everyone look bad.

Players of  the Baltimore Black  Sox  had to fear their league and their team  folding  The Baltimore  elite often relocated  Roy Campanella who caught many years  for the elites before signing with the  Dodgers, often caught 4 games in a day on batnstorming tours. Campy almost missed  his chance with the Dodgers because the wide spread rummor was the Dodgers would start there own african  american league and team. Because rhe  Dodgers not yet have  Comissonsher  Chandler’s ok to intergrate they had to let people think their  inrest lied in helping create an african american mlb owned league  Thank God great players do’nt have.to pass  for white. and teams can sign any race to play with out having to hide from a racists society



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