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catching up throwback thursday 3/3/1984 La dodgers

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We jump in the time  machine and go from the modern Florida Auto Exhange Stadium to 1984 Dogdertown in vero Beach FL


thowback snipet mar  3 was on a satudayso it was a social saturday ( no social media in 1984

All other Golden state teams had long left the sushine state. The Dodgers stayed largely because they owned the   whole complex ( complete with it’s own airport)  since the team was based in Brooklyn  it was the envy of all other spring training clomplexes  from what i have heard Super fan friendly with very little security to hinder fans from going around to the different fields to get maybe yuong Orel  hershier or  guest coaches dodger greats’s sigmatures

Since no soical media in 1984. I’m trying to think of things that united the most people

mix tapes /mtv


http://takemeback.to/03-March-1984#.VtuOFvkrLIUhttp://takemeback.to/03-March-1984#.VtuOFvkrLIU I will make a  video  mix tape


The olympics every body had olympics were held in la in 1984 on 3/3

Peter Ueberrothwho headed la olympic effort is elected baseball commissioner (Effective October 1).

Rubix cube

seems like everybody worked on trying solve that thing


back to the  Dodgers  I do not know if spring games were broadcast from fl back to La but if they were probby on kttv 11 with vin scully jerry dogett and ross porter.the pay tv service ontv broadcasted a few games with eddie docette and former dogder al drowing in  the booth. KABC had the english radio broadcast with vin and jerry KNTQ was the spanish flagship with  jamie  jarrin  and rene’ cardanas

thank you youtube

google maps


and wikpedia

you are great bloger resources

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