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Catching up throwback thursday 3/10/1984

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We go from modren camelback ranch to where the Reds trained in 1984 Al  Lopez Field


Accroding to http://takemeback.to/10-March-1984#.VuRPx_krLIU  it  fell on a saturday  growing up in the 1980s in Reds country that  meant Marty and Joe would bring you the wekend spring traing  action ( two weeks  before every season they became daily)on 700 wlwv  they did not broadcast during the weekdays in spring on another station or online (what’s that?)I was not yet  into Reds on radio I watched game on the Reds tv network flagshiped on wlwt Ch 5 outof cincy But i usually watched on Wttv 4 out of indy

Channel 4 was my favorite tv station as a kid  Because it had  cowboy Bob and my Reds

also could watch on wdrb out louisvile. The reds did not televise spring games back then

in addition to reds baseball on spring wekends and daily during the season. They played music If you read my blog post for last thursdaycatching up throwback thursday 3/3/1984 La dodgers the top ten is almost the same except


Reds spring notes 1984

Bench is not on the roter for the first time since  1968 (retired after 1983 season)

Tony Perez returned ( traded after 1976 season)


Dave Parker signs with the Reds

Rose was  an expo to begin 1984 Vern Rapp was the manager for much of 84




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