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Opening day in Cincy a dream come true

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On April 4 2016 a day after I turned 40 ,my friend   Andy and  I did  something I have always wanted to do , go to the Reds opening day  I will give you some tips to  make your day as memorable as mine was but also avoid my rookie mistakes.

  • Do  have some one else drive  less stress for you more chance to hear your friend’s road rage
  • Do not  trust Andy’s outdated GPS to get you to the planed parking spot in northern KY because it take us to cincy and kept teling us to go north to Ky even with my cerebal palsy sense of direction I know you can’t do that. Chances are it would tell me to go south when going from last wensday’s blog post to Great american ballpark “>
  • Do be wiling to go with flow  plan on having mutiple plan for everything have plans a-z you might need them
  • Do layer  it was  cold but   multiple shirts (most of them  Reds shirts) and a light Reds  jacket it did not feel too bad.
  •  Don’t go to  the  Reds  Commuinty and expect to play ring toss and Reds trivia  It more for the beer drinking music listening folks  Kids oppening day would be probbably more my taste
  • Do not  expect to see  nude Female martial artist when you hear  on  700 wlw that the Naked Karate  Girls will be center stage at the block party

    FullSizeRender (2)

    Andy and I by the huge Reds booble head

  • Do checkout the Hall of Fame  all day pass  is worth it for the best kept bathroom in the whole Reds complex add the awesome displays alot which change yearly Great one on boobleheads this year  ( pics  used with premission of andycorp inc)
  • Do get a susage on a pretzel  bun from the queen city susage truck deloicuos.
  • Do tell people it is your _( first in my case) openning day prople  are often happy for you
  • Don’t expect  many people to answer  What openning day is this for you ? I think most people did not hear me .but a cute gal with beeds did  during the   Reds big eighth inning rally we chated a bit and she gave me some beeds
  • Do check out where your seats are even if your seats are not wheeel chair accesssible maybe you can still use them

    a little too steep


  • Do pay attention during  the  pregame ceramonies 

 should of had Lou throw out a base

awesome to see the  full rosteer and on field staffs itroduced

FullSizeRender (3)

veterans police and fire  hold the  giant flag

 Marlana should be anoter opening day tradition

  • Do get a sports app to keep track of score in case you having move around alot
  • Do get use to the crowd they often block your view  wo’nt see you in your wheelchair and make lines move very slow  took  Andy 2 inns to get 2 pretzels and cokes
  • IMG_0448.JPG
  • Do  take advantage when an usher says you can pull in to handicap space until the ticket holders come back
  •  Do guilt the  able bodied looking (although you can’t asume they were) ticketholder of the space to let you stay Under ADA you do not need to prove you are disabled enough to need wheelchair seats to get them
  • Do park across from the giant viedo board on the  concourse
  • Do’nt asume you’ll the wlw radio boradcast that is piped on the concourse the fans are much too loud
  • Be encouraging and ecouraged by our boys risel was solid and these new guys can play
  • do’nt cuss at players the kids learn grown up bad habbits so watch it
  • have fun it is electric
  • thank staff when you can they are great at making fans feel welcome
  • high five a fellow fan after a big win

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