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Quick run through from the teamsof week i did not get around to bloging for

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Tuesday i was recovering from Opening day in  Cincy

Wed 4/6/16 the Padres were still shoutout


 Brett walance did not play as beat the streak pick

Thursday 4/7/2006  LAA beat the yanks then wallked off rangers now



 Since 4/7/2006 was a friday and  2006 ops leader vady gurero retired I used 2016 Angel ops leader danel nava for my beat the streak pick who  entered the game as an intened pinch hitter but was pinch hit for after a Ranger pitching change

Friday 4/8/2016 Clevland indians Carlos santana got a hit to start a streak for me he is the indians ops leader as of friday they took advantage of  the white sox bad shifting to spoil the home opener for the southsiders


Saturday 4/9/2016 # blue jays # joeybats2dingers #jayslose #callebelloendsstreak


sunday 4/102016 Tigers and yanks washed out





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