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Way out Wed 4/13/2016 Boston Redsox Why is Papi retiring

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It must be solely to spend more me with his family and away from the grind of the MLB life because he is still hiting like a yuong man. Heis playing far better than  the high dollar bench warmer Kung      Fu Panda  It is not so much that  Panda is overweight and out of shape, It is like the only thing he care about is his hitting stats and i’m not even sure that is true.   He seems happy to cash therm big checks and sit. my pride or shame would me wana say,”  I’m sorry for my uncaring adituide, the club made the right call , but i’m going to do whatever it takes to help the team win, and push my way with hard work toget back in th lineup we will see how he does after his shoulder heals

tonight’s game



game time 7:10

check for tickets


Weei english wcec  espan~ol

tv nesen in NE and espn2 ouside Baltimore and ne

on the mound

for the birds ubaldo  jiminez 1-0

for your sox   jumpin joe kelly 0-1

beat the streak pick

russeney castillo high dollar cuban phenom they say may not be ready for mlb why did they sign him to big dollar free agent contract


44 chilly ne april night

i will try to get back on around 9 pm edt to see if  i will do a double header of bloging



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