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sunday wrap up

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Maeda outdueled the shark Herendez entered the game late and hit into a force to end my streak

picking Monday’s team

stats won the dye vote so we go to the sortable stats we use avg since it is first triple crown hitting category and default when you  first look at the sortable stats page

 we see  Daniel murphy is the  MLB leader in avg

we roll a 5 which leads us to

the 2013 mets

David Wright had the highest avg that season

we roll a  2 that leads us to

the 2005 mets

you will see two players have .500 avgs for the 05 season ( i do not look at just those players with a enough  PAs to qualify for batting titles) we have do a dye vote to break the tie.  I roll a 1 for first player and 4 for second so the winner is…

Juan padilla

we roll a 1 since he is a pitcher that leads us to

2004 New york yankees pitching stats we look for the highest batting avg againast in the case it is sorting from highest down so the batting tee for that season was

Alex  Graman

make his mlb stats are showing

we roll a 3

since it  list 2 mlb pitching seasons  him we count those 1 2 and check to see if he had bating stats since  non are showing we go to his first year of fielding stats for his 3 stat line so that is

2004 yankees make sure it showing all postions and sort by games (G)

we roll a 5

since 5 is scorebook notation for third base we find the player who played the most games at 3rd that season

A Rod

we roll a 4 which leads us to

1997 seatle m’s hitting stats ( make sure you sort by avg)

leading us to

we roll  a 6 +

a bonus roll 2 leading us to

1996 Detroit Tigers pitching stats ( make sure it sorts by avg) the bating tee that season was

Jeff McCurry

we roll a 5 leading us to

1999 astros staff

where the same pitcher was batting tee

so we do a dye vote to see if the astros are our team of day

2 yes votes rolled

6 no votes

so we go back to the stats page this time sorting by hrs

Trevor Story leads MLB in homers

we roll a 1 since we know he leading MLB in homers in this his rookie year we know he is leading  his team the rockies in homers so we do a dye vote for the rockies

2 yes votes rolled

6 no votes rolled

so we go a sort by mlb rbi leaders

leading us to

we roll a  4 since it leads back to this years rockies with Nolan leading in rbis we do dye vote for them once again
we roll a 1 yes vote
and 4 no votes
with a way tie for we do a 3 way dye vote for the first pitcher listed we roll a 4 then a 3 for the next and a 5 for the last so we use
we roll a 5 Which leads us to
 which Sale lead in wins so we do a dye vote
3 yes
2 no
 white sox are mondays team of the day




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