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throwback thursday 4/21/1964 Cincinnati Reds

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the times

on the jukebox


Game info

The game  on 4/21/1964 was  played at Colt Staduim in Houston  We go from where the last game on tuesday finshed (glitch kept me from posting  on the end of tuesday) to where colt stadium was (nrg Center now)


( tonight’s game in Cincy vs. the cubs 7 :10)


wcky  with Watie hoyt and claude Sullivan( now 700 wlw  mostly likly Marty Brenamann with Jeff brantley  Jim kelch or  Marty’s son  Thom)

tv not sure but some road games were broadcast by wlwt tv   5 Thanks to Chris Eckes <CEckes@reds.com> for his help
with frank mcorimck and ed kenedy ( now fox sports ohio  with chrish welch mostly with any combo of the list above without marty and george grande some times


on the mound

Jim o ‘tole had the help of big ofensive night to beat  Jim owens and the colt 45

( brandon fingaan vs cubs jake areerta)

beat the streak since C Jimmy Coker sported the highest positino player batting avg ( regradlesss of AB s) i pick backup backstop tucker barhart

throw back snipet trivia tuesday The Reds were owned by Bill Dewitt  in 1964, What does his son own?

Ans the St.louis cardinals

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