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Way out Wed 5/18/2016 New York Mets

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We go from the home of The 2nd  Senators to the home of the  new york Mets where they face the current Washington team  in  the tightly bunched  NL east . It is bark at the park night.


  get your hot dogs and chew toy hereee . Will they have fire hydrants for the pups to do their bussiness

game time 7:o5  eastern daylight human time Dog time time for wakies.

radio ( that thing that whistles someimes)

wor (eng)

wespn (esp)

no bark broadcast

tv (the box with people in it)

in ny sny

espn  outside nyarea

for Was gio gonzalez

on the mound (no bones under it)

for was gio gonzalez

for your mets Bartolo colon 42 years old = 294 in dog years

beat the streak picks

micheal conforto as a tummy rub

and  juan lagarrrress

weather unerground forecast

mostly cloudy 60


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