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throwback thursday 6/2/1995 Houston Astros

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we  jump into the time machine and go from yesterday’s blog stop modren Citzens bank park back to the astros june 2, 1995 road game in Atlanta  Fulton County Stadium


the times

in our cd cases pg 13


nod to my  fellow country fans

no#1 may 27-june 2 1995

6/3 #1

game info

Astros got to 500 with a cg  by doug drebek and killer b stinging smoltz in 2016 the now al astros got bested by zenike in an interleague matchup

tv the game in 1995 might have been broadcast on prime sports or ktkh upn station In 2016 root sports,



krc  kth now

streak picks

since it was a friday in 1995   I used the ops leader to pick catcher eric tucker lead the the astros in ops among non pitchers ( regradless of abs) so i picked jason castro and jose altuve` jose got a hit and castro did not play with the flu




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