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Trivia tuesday bonus

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again we use the action and dye rolls to come up with a trivia question

Jordy mercer homered we roll a 6 + a bonus roll of 3 leading us to  the 2013 Bucs fielding stats

since no homers in defense we roll a one  using the scorebook notation 1 means pitcher

Mark  Melancon lead the team in Games pitched we roll a 2 leading us to

2010 yankee pitching staff

Javier vaxquez lead the 2010 yahkee bpitchers in homers given up we roll  a 2 leading us to

the 1999 expos

Dusin hermanson was the most bombed upon we roll a 1 leading us to

the 1995 san deigo padres staff

there was a tie between andy ashby and joey halimiton

we use a dye roll to diecide which pitchers stats to use

a dice tie in this case means we stop and just the 1995 padres  so

who was the padres 1st pick in the june 1995 draft?





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